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We love to help those who believe and who have a vision or passion. We strive to find ways to provide services that meet the needs and budget of businesses and individuals at various stages of growth.

Ultimately, we serve individuals who dream big, who are willing to accept responsibility, who live by truth, and who respect and protect the freedoms and rights of others.

We love America. We love its people. We believe our best days are still ahead, and that we are all God's children.

At Believe First, we believe the way to change the world is to help unleash the potential of good people, like you. When you pursue your potential, the world will simply never be the same. Below are some examples of services we provide, but if you have needs that are not addressed below, please reach out to us still as we strive to assist you in building good and will do what we can to help.

In Negotiation

We're serious about joining your team. You can hire counsel that dedicates a set amount of time to your business or situation. When you choose the amount of time you need, we set a flat-fee so that you can budget for your legal growth needs.

American flag waving

We believe strongly in the principles espoused in the U.S. Constitution and we work to promote, strengthen, and maintain the Constitution. We want to help others stay compliant and achieve their goals in promoting and defending freedom as well.

Happy Family

What do you really hope your kids will become? What things do you hope they will learn from you? Are you actively working to accomplish these hopes? We work with couples and families to assist in setting out a plan to ensure that they are able to leave a strong legacy to their children.

Giving a Presentation

Understanding the law is critical to making good decisions. We offer trainings, presentations, and other forms of information to help you and your employees make good decisions. We travel and can come to you, on-site, for requested trainings or presentations.

In Negotiation

We believe that contracts are critical to keeping good, honest communications with those you work with. Even the most honest people will forget details over time, and it is important to memorialize agreements to keep business relationships healthy.

Super Health Food

We believe strongly in the power of the body to heal, and we believe that many possess various gifts of healing. We strive to support the business and practices of those involved in wholesome healing work, whether mainstream, holistic, alternative, or complementary.

Zooming on Tablet

We all use technology in our lives and business, but do we really understand how to keep ourselves safe, or the consequences of not keeping things safe? We help with planning, strategy, compliance, and education on technology matters, including HIPAA.

Business Meeting

Good businesses operate within the framework established by law. Creating ways to monitor and audit your employees' compliance (or lack thereof) is a critical step. We assist in creating policies, procedures, structures, and training to help your company operate well.


Often, good negotiations or bad lawsuits can make or break a business or plan. If you find yourself securing a contract or facing a lawsuit, creating a comprehensive strategy can help achieve better outcomes. Often, taking time to think outside the box produces better results.


Commonly, the best services you receive are those where professionals collaborate together. We can help find other professionals, facilitate collaborative services, or integrate our services with other service providers.

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