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Signing a Contract


Good relationships are built on good communication, expectations that are understood, and situations where both contribute as agreed upon.

Contracts are a tool, and negotiating them well brings the ability to establish long-term, healthy relationships.


We all depend on others to help our ideas become reality. Whether it is a software provider, client, manufacturer, or other person, we all need to develop and maintain good solid relationships.


Often, failures in business and personal relationships are the failure to communicate all expectations. Even entirely honest people can have differing sets of expectations if the details are not communicated well.


Writing down an agreement helps put both sides on the same page, literally. When something is written down, it becomes easier for our minds to identify missing pieces or differing expectations.


We all forget things. Details are forgotten. Having a contract in place helps both sides remember the agreement. Simply having an agreement in place can reduce the potential for costly legal conflicts over items that neither side remembers accurately.

Include Us In Your Contracts

We strive to be accessible to assist with negotiations, strategy, drafting, and review for contracts and business situations. Having a party outside of the situation can help to bring a fresh perspective that can help to identify issues that have not yet been addressed.

We strive to make situations work. While we may say 'no' to things at times that are simply illegal or immoral, we will try to work to identify legal or proper ways to structure a situation.

In other words, we will take an active role as a contributor with thoughts, ideas, and insights learned from our years of experience as business attorneys and advisors.

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