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Legacy Planning

Like it or not, you will leave a legacy in this life. Despite this reality, so few of us take time to really consider and work towards the legacy we would like to leave to our children or others we love.

We strive to help individuals plan for and pursue the creation of the legacy they hope to leave. We believe strongly that as individuals work to build a good legacy, their legacy can continue to impact the world, for good, for generations to come.

What Does It Look Like?

Legacy Planning is flexible for each individual for family situation, but services usually have the following characteristics:


Identifying a Legacy. We sit down and review one or more legacies that fit the things you care most about. This is a process that involves reviewing, in depth, things that you believe and care about, as well as things you work towards.


Selecting Ways to Build the Legacy. Next, we help identify ways that you can work to build your legacy. This can include business ventures, service opportunities, things you teach or model as an example, etc.


Start or Continue Building Your Legacy. It is important to identify how to start or continue building your legacy. If you are not proactive about it, all that your children or loved ones may remember is a busy mother, a father often at work, or a friend that only called when something was needed.


Identify Legal and Other Tools. Wills, trusts, funds, histories, real estate, scholarships - there are many tools available to start or continue your legacy after you pass away. You often get to choose what influence you can have, if you are proactive and plan for it.


Create Accountability Structures. We often need a little help to continue building our legacy, and it is good to build in mechanisms to help with accountability. We can assist with following up on plans, or in helping you create another structure for that.

Benefits of Legacy Planning

When you take the driver's seat in your life, amazing things can start to happen. While the currents of life are strong, and they often pull us along, taking the time to be proactive can lead to some amazing results in our lives.

Ultimately, we all have to decide what we really believe and what really makes us happy. We strongly believe that true happiness and satisfaction comes from doing hard, good things that will leave a lasting impact on the world.

Whether you have a few dollars to your name or millions to your name, your legacy can be just as strong with the proper planning. By taking time to identify what it is you live for, you will be able to structure your life in a way that helps you achieve it. When you achieve it and then establish a legacy that perpetuates it, your life, and the rest of the world, will never be the same.

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