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Technology and the Law

Technology and the law are increasingly intersecting. If you utilize technology to communicate with your customers, collect payments, conduct business, or the like, chances are that laws and regulations apply.

Whether you need to ensure privacy, HIPAA compliance, data security, confidentiality, back ups, or otherwise, having a legal and IT team to help navigate the waters can be critical to success.

Schedule An IT/Legal Audit

As our world relies more and more on technology, the ease of operations and relative risk to your business tend to grow together. If you do not have a proper foundation to what you are doing, your business or other pursuits are at risk of collapsing if something should undermine your IT systems or related legal compliance obligations.

We do not perform free audits. This is because our audits are meant to be an honest assessment of your situation, not an effort to acquire work that you do not need. We are more interested in helping you have a strong foundation and succeeding than we are in recommending work that is not needed.

Benefits of Compliance

Too often, businesses are like sitting ducks, subject to problems if audited or reviewed by a governmental regulator. There is no need to wait for a regulator to reach out to you.

Being proactive lets you address and manage situations. This reduces risk, strengthens the business's ability to grow rapidly, and ensures that you can weather future storms.

If you have your compliance and IT systems audited, you can start to repair any damage that may exist long before there is a problem. One of our valuable contributions to you is helping you avoid legal issues so that you never really know the true value of our contribution.

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