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Dedicated Counsel

We believe your potential for good grows when you actively work to integrate honesty and legal compliance into your work.

We recognize, though, that the legal profession is often too expensive for many to access. Due to that, we have created a 'Dedicated Counsel' model where you can save up to half of the costs of a traditional attorney while obtaining a Believer to support your work.

What Does It Look Like?

The Dedicated Counsel model is flexible for each business situation, but each relationship usually has the following characteristics:

In-House Pricing and Feel

Attorney fees are often $250 - $300 per hour. However, if a business can hire an attorney in-house, they can often secure the attorney's full-time attention and efforts for a fraction of that fee.


Since we provide Dedicated Counsel services to multiple businesses, we operate our fees as if we are in-house attorneys, just for multiple companies. This means that you can have an attorney dedicated to your company for a set amount of time each month without having to hire one full-time, or pay common attorney rates.

Flat-Fee Options

You can secure legal services for a monthly flat-fee. This way you can include your Dedicated Counsel in your meetings and planning while knowing every month that these important communications will not change your budget.

No yearly or long-term commitment is necessary either. Our services are provided on a month-to-month basis, so that we can both remain flexible and adaptable to changing needs and situations.

On-Site or Remote

You can request that your Dedicated Counsel work on-site or remotely, or a combination of both. This allows your staff to become comfortable with including your Dedicated Counsel in their planning and strategy sessions. A sense of familiarity and trust among those working to build goes a long ways in helping build good in the world.

We are flexible with platforms, software, and other requirements of working with a business. In other words, our services are customizable to your needs.

More Than An Attorney

At Believe First, we strive to be more than just an attorney. We work to deliver financial, planning, strategy, marketing, ethical, and moral advice in addition to our legal advice. While we are not experts in all of these areas, we have learned many valuable lessons over the years, and we share our knowledge as applicable.

Ultimately, it is our goal to develop long and lasting professional relationships. Good people mean more to us than money, and we want to be there at each important juncture.

We Aren't Traditional Attorneys

Many people hire attorneys to be their paid 'bully' or tough guy to threaten, harass, or intimidate others. We expressly refuse to serve in this capacity. We work to build good, not serve to threaten or harass others. There are a few situations where demand letters, lawsuits, and the like are necessary to protect good, wholesome principles. However, these situations are more the exception rather than the norm, and we work to negotiate and address issues in a positive way. We highly encourage mediation and generally discourage lawsuits as our experience has shown that lawsuits are often not in a business's best interests.

We fully believe that companies that adopt wholesome business strategies and dispute resolution procedures will do far better than they would with less wholesome measures. If you are looking for an attorney to serve in a traditional capacity, we are not the right fit for you.

If, however, you value strong, wholesome, and honest practices, we will work vigilantly to help build you and your business or pursuit. As stated elsewhere on this site, we want to be on your team to build good, which makes us carefully select our clients to ensure that we have matching goals and expectations.

Kindness, integrity, respect, civility. These attributes go a long way to build good in the world, even in the law. If these attributes resonate with you, reach out to us today for assistance in building your good in the world.

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