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We may not know everything, but we do know how to collaborate by bundling services with those that have the expertise we do not.

Shaking Hands

We work diligently to provide additional quality services by bundling our legal services with other professional service offerings.

Bundled Services

The service industry has long worked in silos, leaving it up to you to navigate all of the connections on your own. Yet, when you go to build a house, a general contractor will help you navigate all of the connections between the various trades necessary to complete the home.

While our bundled services offerings are growing right now, we hope to become a general contractor of services where you can have one contact for all of your service needs.


For example, if you need a website made for your business, you often need to find a design company, an SEO company, a graphic designer, content writers, merchant services, legal services (terms of use, privacy policy, compliance, etc.), and social media content creators. While it is fully possible for an individual to secure all of these services, it is far more efficient to have one contact that manages all of those connections and coordinates a final product.


Please reach out to us to discuss your bundled service needs.

Also, if you would like to work with us to provide bundled services to others, please also reach out to let us know of your interests so that we can pursue further opportunities together.

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